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Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy, Cornell University Cornell University Cornell University Department of Philosophy

Highlights From Past Events and News

Southeast Corner of Goldwin Smith Hall in Springtime

South Facade of Goldwin Smith Hall in Autumn

Raphael's Philosophia Frescoe

Adapted from "Philosophy" by Raphael; Fresco; Vatican, Rome


Charles R. Lamb Design Sketch for Mosaic in Sage Chapel Honoring Arts and Sciences, 1900

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Highlights From Past Events and News

The Sage School of Philosophy has organized numerous events, hosted many visiting speakers, engaged in countless lively discussions, and ushered graduates into successful careers. Here are a few highlights from recent years.

To see a full list of previous visiting speakers, click here.

Recent Events:

Norman Kretzmann Undergraduate Philosophy Lecture:

April 25, 2014:  Shelly Kagan, Yale University

"What is Ill-Being When Well-Being is Enjoying the Good?"

3rd Annual Workshop in Linguistics and Philosophy

November 9-10, 2013.  Held at the Physical Sciences Building, Cornell University, Ithaca, NY.

Ethics & Epistemology in the History of Philosophy:  A Conference in Honor of Gail Fine & Terence Irwin

September 20-21, 2013.  Held at the Nevin Center, Cornell Plantations, Ithaca, NY.
Cornell Chronicle article:  "Conference Celebrates Ancient Philosophy, Fine and Irwin"

Recent Speakers:

  • Tamer Nawar (Oxford University)
    Sextus's Arguments Against There Being Causal Interactions

Event Highlight: Life Raft Debate

Imagine that after an apocalyptic event; a group of five professors from Classics, Philosophy, Theater, Film & Dance, English, and finally Physics plead for the last remaining seat on the last remaining life raft. They argue why their discipline should be chosen to live on and contribute towards the creation of a new society. This lively, thought-provoking debate occurred February 22, 2011. Read the article or watch the video.

Alumni Highlight: Alumnus Jeffrey Gentleman ('94) Journalist

After receiving his B.A. in Philosophy from the Sage School, Gettleman pursued a Master of Philosophy at Oxford University. He now is the East Africa bureau chief for The New York Times. Read some of his articles.

Gettleman speaks about South Sudan, Independence, and Oil in an interview with Fareed Zakaria on CNN.  Watch the video.

Gettleman reporting From Mogadishu on NPR. Read the article.


Chignell Article One of Best of 2010 in Philosophy

Professor Andrew Chignell's article, "Real Repugnance and Belief About Things-in-Themselves: A Problem and Kant's Three Solutions", has been selected by The Philosopher's Annual as one of the ten best articles published in philosophy in 2010.

News Highlights