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Department of Philosophy

Department of Philosophy, Cornell University Cornell University Cornell University Department of Philosophy



Charles R. Lamb Design Sketch for Mosaic in Sage Chapel Honoring Arts and Sciences, 1900

Southeast Corner of Goldwin Smith Hall in Springtime

South Facade of Goldwin Smith Hall in Autumn


Goldwin Smith Hall on the Arts Quad, looking southeast, silver gelatin print circa 1909

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karen-bennett-small-Karen Bennett

Professor; Editor-in-Chief, The Philosophical Review
metaphysics, philosophy of mind  •  homepage

richard-boyd-smallRichard Boyd

Susan Linn Sage Professor
epistemology; philosophy of science, language, mind      homepage

tad-brennan-smallTad Brennan

Professor; Director of Graduate Studies
ancient philosophy

charles-brittain-smallCharles Brittain

Susan Linn Sage Professor in Philosophy and Humane Letters
Professor, Department of Classics
ancient philosophy, Platonist psychology, ethics

   •   homepage

Nate BulthuisNathaniel Bulthuis

Visiting Assistant Professor
medieval philosophy, philosophy of language, philosophy of religion        homepage

Andrew ChignellAndrew Chignell

Associate Professor;
Book Review Editor
, The Philosophical Review

On leave 2015-16
Kant, early modern philosophy, epistemology, aesthetics, philosophy of religion
   •   homepage

gail-fine-smallGail Fine

ancient philosophy   •   CV

harold-hodes-smallHarold Hodes

Associate Professor; Director of Undergraduate Studies
logic & foundations; philosophy of logic and mathematics   •   CV

michelle-kosch-smallMichelle Kosch

Kant, nineteenth and twentieth century continental philosophy   •   homepage

scott-macdonald-smallScott MacDonald

Norma K. Regan Professor in Christian Studies
2015-16:  On special assignment as
Senior Associate Dean for the College of Arts & Sciences

medieval philosophy, philosophy of religion
   •  homepage

Daniel Manne 2014Daniel Manne

Post-Doctoral Fellow
Program on Ethics and Public Life

Kate ManneKate Manne

Assistant Professor
moral philosophy •   homepage

Julia_Markovits_2014Julia Markovits

Associate Professor; Placement Director
moral philosophy, philosophy of law      homepage

Marmor phil-photoAndrei Marmor

Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Philosophy and Law
philosophy of law; moral, social, and political philosophy; philosophy of language         homepage

Richard MillerRichard Miller

Wyn and William Y. Hutchinson Professor
Director, Program on Ethics and Public Life       homepage

Daniel MurphyDaniel Murphy

Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer
metaphysics, philosophy of religion    homepage

derk-pereboomDerk Pereboom

Susan Linn Sage Professor in Philosophy and Ethics

Stanford H. Taylor '50 Chair of the Sage School
free will and moral responsibility, history of modern philosophy, philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion
   •   homepage

Eric RoweEric Rowe

Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer
metaphysics, metaontology, philosophy of language

nicholas-silins-smallNicholas Silins

Associate Professor; Editor, The Philosophical Review
epistemology, the philosophy of mind   •   homepage

Daniel SmythDaniel Smyth

Mellon Post-Doctoral Fellow 2015-16
Cornell Society for the Humanities

Kant, early modern, German idealism          homepage

Will StarrWill Starr

Assistant Professor
philosophy of language, cognitive science, logic    •   homepage

erin-taylor-smallErin Taylor

Assistant Professor
On leave 2015-16
ethics, political philosophy

Emeritus Faculty

carl-ginet-smallCarl Ginet

Professor Emeritus
metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of mind, philosophy of language   •   homepage

terrence-irwin-smallTerence Irwin

Susan Linn Sage Professor Emeritus
Currently Professor of Ancient Philosophy at Oxford University
ancient philosophy; ethics  •   homepage

lyonsDavid Lyons

Susan Linn Sage Professor & Professor of Law Emeritus Professor of Law & Philosophy at Boston University Emeritus
philosophy of law; moral and political philosophy  •   homepage  •  CV

sydney-shoemaker-smallSydney Shoemaker

Susan Linn Sage Professor Emeritus
metaphysics, philosophy of mind

ezra-cornellNicholas Sturgeon

Susan Linn Sage Professor Emeritus
ethics, the empiricists   CV

Affiliated Faculty

abusch_100Dorit Abusch

Professor, Cornell Linguistics Department
semantics, pragmatics, philosophy of language, aesthetics • homepage

sarah-100Sarah Murray

Assistant Professor, Cornell Linguistics Department
semantics, pragmatics, fieldwork, cognitive science, philosophy of language, Cheyenne • homepage

David PizarroDavid Pizarro

Associate Professor, Cornell Psychology Department
moral judgment, effects of emotion on judgment        homepage

Mats_100_1Mats Rooth

Professor & Director of Computational Linguistics Lab
computational linguistics, semantics • homepage