The central role of philosophy

May 21, 2021

At the front of Sage Chapel, a mosaic frieze designed by Ella Condie Lamb called "The Realm of Learning" depicts the work of the university. At its very center is a woman seated on a throne representing Philosophy, flanked by figures representing Truth and Beauty. The larger images of a man and woman to her left and right represent Cornell's commitment to coeducation. On either side are three women: to the right of the central figure, representing the Sciences (Biology, Astronomy, and Physics), and to the left representing the Arts (Literature, Architecture, and Music). This beautiful representation of higher learning was part of an addition to Sage Chapel in 1898. The next time you are in the vicinity, take a moment to appreciate it--and contemplate the role of philosophy in the mosaic, and in life.

Philosophia from Sage chapel mosaic