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Student melds humanities, sciences to find her intellectual community

By: Kate Klein,  Cornell Alumni Affairs and Development

Finding life balance is a quest that Kylie Long '19, an aspiring radiologist, appreciates.  Her pathway of learning and discovery at Cornell has led her to pursue the humanities along with the sciences and to study ancient texts as well as conduct stem cell research. She asks life’s big questions, while also getting down-to-earth at a local potting studio. She likes quiet meditation as well as using her voice to blog about self-care.

Still, the decision to pursue a major in philosophy, in addition to biology, came as a surprise to her. Although her friends had talked enthusiastically about their philosophy classes, Long had thought it was a decidedly dry subject. Her opinion changed on the first day of her sophomore year, however, after she sat in on an ancient philosophy class and also one called “The Ethics of Eating,” a university course.

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Kylie Long, Class of 2019, CAS