Faculty and Staff

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Name Role Contact Information
Andrei Marmor EPL Director, and Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Philosophy and Law am2773@cornell.edu
226 Goldwin Smith Hall
Margaret Nichols Administrative Assistant

218 Goldwin Smith Hall

Emad Atiq Assistant Professor of Law and Philosophy

eha47@cornell.edu                            232 Hughes Hall                              

Tad Brennan

Professor and Chair, Philosophy Department Faculty tad.brennan@cornell.edu
327 Goldwin Smith Hall
Rachana Kamtekar Professor, Philosophy Department Faculty

rk579@cornell.edu                              228 Goldwin Smith Hall

Kate Manne

Associate Professor, Philosophy Department Faculty

225 Goldwin Smith Hall
Julia Markovits Associate Professor, Philosophy Department Faculty, Law & Society Minor Co-Director markovits@cornell.edu
220 Goldwin Smith Hall
Richard Miller Professor Emeritus

rwm5@cornell.edu                             G67 Goldwin Smith Hall

Shaun Nichols Professor, Philosophy Department Faculty sbn44@cornell.edu                             326 Goldwin Smith Hall
Derk Pereboom Susan Linn Sage Professor, Philosophy Department Faculty dp346@cornell.edu                                  323 Goldwin Smith Hall
Nelson Tebbe

Professor of Law, Cornell Law School

nt277@cornell.edu                                202 Myron Taylor Hall

Benjamin Yost Adjunct Professor, Philosophy Department benjamin.yost@cornell.edu              219 Goldwin Smith Hall