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Neil Lubow Prize 

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Through the generosity of the Riger Potash Family Fund and with the sponsorship of the Cornell Program on Ethics and Public Life, this prize is given in memory of Neil Lubow '66, who was a distinguished professor of philosophy at the University of New Hampshire. It is awarded for an outstanding essay in ethics, including moral philosophy and ethical issues in public policy, science, business and personal life. An award of $300 is made for the best essay submitted from a First-Year Writing Seminar, English 2880/90 (Expository Writing), Writing in the Majors, or classes participating in the University Courses Initiative. Publication of winning essays in Discoveries is also possible. Students must be nominated by their instructor to apply (link to application will be included with nomination).

Previous prize winners:

Spring 2021


Class of 2024

Course: Justifying Political Power (PHIL 1112)

Essay Title: "Civil DisoBEATdience: An Argument for Violence as a Fidelity to Law"

Fall 2020


Class of 2021

Course: Urban Inequality (SOC 3380)

Essay Title: "The Harlem Children's Zone: A Holistic Approach to Addressing Educational Inequality"  

Fall 2019 


Class of 2021

Course: Urban Inequality (SOC 3380)

Essay Title: "Harlem is Not For Sale"

Spring 2019 


Essay Title: " A Market for Newborns: In Defense of the Child"