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Dorit Abusch



Professor Abusch's research is concerned with the semantics and pragmatics of natural language. She has worked on the semantics of tense in various clause types, including issues of sequence of tense, the representation of futurity, the semantics of infinitives, and the semantics of verbal participles. She has also written about presupposition triggering, the scope properties of indefinite noun phrases, and interactions between aspect and causation.  Currently she is working on mood, and on language and image.  The latter involves applying methods of dynamic semantics to sequential narrative images.  Areas of interest include co-indexing, temporal succession, free perception constructions, and descriptions of pictures in language.


  • Linguistics
  • Philosophy




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Recent and Upcoming Presentations

Formal semantics of pictorial narratives. One week course at the 30th European Summer School in Logic, Language and Information, Sofia, August 2018.

The formal semantics of free perception in pictorial narratives. Amsterdam Colloquium, December 2017.

Dynamic semantics for picture sequences. Colloquium, McGill, October 2016.

Picture descriptions and centered content. Sinn und Bedeutung 21, Edinburgh, September 2016. (abstract,slides).

Dynamic Semantics for Picture Sequences. Logic group, University of Connecticut. April 2015.

Pictorial discourse referents, bridging and continuous narrative. Discourse and Philosophy Colloquium, ILLC, University of Amsterdam, October 2014.

Pictorial discourse referents, bridging and continuous narrative. Carpentry Workshop, University of Frankfurt, September 2014.

Presentation at Workshop Tense in Semantics and Philosophy of Language, University of St. Andrews, June 2014.

Anaphoric relations in sequential and conflated pictures. Colloquium at Linguistics and Cognitive Science, University of Delaware, March 2014.

Temporal succession and aspectual type in visual narrative. Colloquium at Dept. of Linguistics, Yale, March 2014.

Temporal succession and aspectual type in visual narrative. Colloquium at McGill University, October 2013.

Anaphoric relations in sequential and conflated pictures. Colloquium, Trinity College Dublin, April 2013.

Anaphoric relations in sequential and conflated pictures. Colloquium, University of Edinburgh, April 2013.

Narrative Images and Natural Language. IIT Delhi, February 2013.


Visual Narrative in Wall Paintings of Rajasthan – Individuation and Temporal Relations. 2012-2013 Humanities Research Grant, Cornell Society for the Humanties.

Applying Discourse Semantics and Pragmatics to Narrative Images: A Study of Stone Reliefs, Miniatures, Cave Paintings, and Temple Sculpture. 2011-2012, Cornell Institute for Social Sciences. Empirical basis is Indian art.