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 What is the focus of the Law & Society Minor?

The law and society minor, offered as an activity of the Program on Ethics and Public Life, provides an opportunity for focused study of the interaction between law and society from an interdisciplinary perspective predominantly rooted in the social sciences and humanities: anthropology, comparative literature, economics, government, history, philosophy, psychology, science and technology studies, and sociology. A large selection of courses and on-campus events is available for completing the minor. The benefits of a student's participation depend on the particular courses and events selected, and the effort and interest invested.

Who can minor in Law & Society?

The law and and society minor is open to all undergraduates. Though many of those who register for the minor have intentions of going on to law school or a law-related profession, the law and society minor is not just for students interested in entering law school. The best candidates for the law and society minor are students interested in broader relations between legal institutions and historical and contemporary societies. This broader topic is, and should be, of interest to many students, regardless of whether they intend to enter the legal profession.

What are the requirements?

There are two basic requirements: attendance at two approved events and successful completion (minimum letter grade of C+) of five approved courses. The two events are selected from a list provided via an e-mail listerve. After attending an event for credit, an online form must be submitted as proof of attendance before the end of the semester during which the event took place. NOTE: Events attended prior to registering for the minor cannot be counted. The five courses should be selected from at least three different categories on the approved course list, with no more than two courses in any one category and no more than two courses in any one department or the student's major. NOTE: All ILR courses are considered one department. Cross-listed courses can be counted as any of their cross listings.

When and How Should I Register?

The registration form is available online. To allow sufficient time for a coherent program of study to be developed and completed, students who have an interest in the Law & Society minor are required to register before the start of the second semester of their junior year and are allowed to register at any time before that. Under extenuating circumstances, late registrations may be accepted at the discretion of the directors, but only if the registrant has a clear and acceptable plan already formulated for completing the minor's requirements. Late registrants can use the standard online registration form but should also submit the online completion plan at the time of registration.

How Do I Know When I Have Completed the Minor?

Students should keep track of courses taken and events attended using the Student Progress Record. This form is solely for record keeping, not for submission. The Student Progress Record will serve as the basis for the information required in the online Completion Plan, which summarizes what requirements have been completed. (NOTE: In order to be eligible to receive the law and society minor, the Completion Plan MUST be submitted by the end of the next-to-last semester before graduation.)

For more information contact:

Program Administrator
Margaret Nichols
218 Goldwin Smith Hall

Program Directors
Professor Risa Lieberwitz (ILR)
361 Ives Hall

Professor Michael Lynch (S&TS)
302 Rockefeller Hall