Dr. Monima Chadha ~ Inaugural Karp Fellow

Dr. Monima Chadha (Monash University) will be the Sage School of Philosophy’s first Jack Karp Fellow, in Fall 2022.  Dr. Chadha researches the philosophy of mind in the classical Indian and contemporary western traditions.  Her book, Selfless Minds, to be published by Oxford University Press, draws on Abhidharma-Buddhist philosophy and contemporary cognitive science to provide an account of conscious experiences, in particular subjectivity and agency, without positing the existence of subjects and agents.

While at Cornell, Dr. Chadha will be working on Vasubandhu’s Karmasiddhiprakaraṇa, “The Treatise on Action”, to develop an Abhidharma Buddhist account of moral responsibility without a self.

You can learn more about Dr. Chadha’s research here.

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Dr. Monima Chadha