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Opportunities to engage with great philosophical ideas


Cornell's philosophy department is home to a distinguished tradition of philosophical research and teaching. Students at every level and in every area of intellectual endeavor find opportunity to engage with great philosophical ideas and problems and develop the critical thinking and analytical skills necessary for advancing our understanding of them. 

Academic Pursuits

Undergrad students

Undergraduate Program

The study of philosophy provides students with an opportunity to become familiar with some of the ideas and texts in the history of thought while developing analytical skills that are valuable in practical as well as academic affairs. It affords the excitement and satisfaction that come from understanding and working toward solutions of intellectual problems.


Graduate Program

The Sage School's graduate program leads to the Ph.D. in philosophy. Its distinguishing characteristics are small classes and a collegial atmosphere in which vibrant philosophical exchange among graduate students, faculty and visiting philosophers is the norm. Graduate students receive individual attention to their work from faculty members. And the intellectual community among graduate students is stimulating and supportive.

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Simon Trepanier

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Oct 13
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30th Annual Latinx Unity Dinner

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