Ethics & Public Life

The Cornell Program on Ethics and Public Life promotes interdisciplinary learning about morally central questions concerning public policies and social, political and economic processes.

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Dorothy Vanderbilt / Philosophy

The Program on Ethics and Public Life is saddened by the death of Richard Miller, the previous Program Director. Professor Miller lead the EPL Program from 2011 to 2019 and during his tenure hosted a number of lecture series that enriched and engaged many in the field of Philosophy. The Sage School of Philosophy has a full memorial here.

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Cornell Workshop on Mind and Value: The Self in the Space of Reasons

The theme for this year’s workshop is the relationship between selves as conscious subjects and the normative. One set of questions concerns the nature of conscious subjects, what they are, whether and how they matter, and how their existence bears on other things that matter. Another set of questions concerns how conscious subjects have access to reasons for action and belief, and how those reasons shape the experience of being a self. Talks and discussion based on these and other topics to be held at Cornell University on September 6-8, 2024. 

Click here for more details on the workshop

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Cornell Conference in Philosophy of Law

The first Cornell Conference in Philosophy of Law was held via zoom after having to be canceled in May 2020.

Please see the full details on the conference website.

The Conference was co-hosted by the Cornell Law School, the Sage School of Philosophy, and the Program in Ethics & Public Life.