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Department Contacts

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Name Role Contact Information
Tad Brennan Chair of the Philosophy Dept. tad.brennan@cornell.edu
327 Goldwin Smith Hall
Harold Hodes Director of Undergraduate Studies hth3@cornell.edu
222 Goldwin Smith Hall
Rachana Kamtekar Director of Graduate Studies rk579@cornell.edu
228 Goldwin Smith Hall
Andrei Marmor Director, Program on Ethics and Public Life am2773@cornell.edu
Working remotely
Dorothy Vanderbilt Administrative Manager vanderbilt@cornell.edu
Working remotely
Pamela Hanna

Graduate Field Assistant & Undergraduate Coordinator for the Sage School of Philosophy

Working remotely

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Shannon Adamsen Program Assistant for the Program on Ethics & Public Life, Law & Society Minor shannonadamsen@cornell.edu
Working remotely
Louise Silberling Philosophical Review Editorial Manager phil-review@cornell.edu
  Philosophy general inquiries philosophy@cornell.edu
  Philosophy Minor general inquiries philosophy-minor@cornell.edu