Law & Society Minor FAQ

Some frequently asked questions about the Law & Society minor:


Will minoring in Law & Society help me get into Law School?

The minor is broadly intended to be for any student interested in law and its interaction with social forces. It is not considered a “pre-law” minor, but many students who find the minor of interest also have an interest in going on to law school, and likely find the courses taken for the minor helpful in understanding law and legal analysis.


How and when does the minor get on my transcript?

The Law & Society program assistant enters your completion into a database, from which the Registrar of your College pulls the information to add to your transcript--usually just prior to graduation.


Is there anything besides a transcript notation to mark my completion of the minor?

Graduates who complete the requirements for the minor are given a graduation cord, distributed in May shortly before Commencement. NOTE: during COVID quarantine time, it is unclear when we will be able to distribute cords. We will inform graduates of a plan when one is in place.


Should I register for the minor now, or wait till I am sure I will be able to finish the requirements?

Registering sooner is best so that you get added to the listserve to hear about events and helpful information about the minor. There is no penalty if you change your mind, and withdrawing is as simple as sending an e-mail to with that request.


Can I count courses toward both my major and the Law & Society minor? Or toward L&S and another minor?


Specific to COVID: Will a course that is on the approved list for the minor, that I took in spring 2020 and changed the grade option from letter to S/U, count towards the minor?



Do I have until graduation to complete my event requirement?

Yes, but as with most matters, sooner is better than later.


Can I count a course that was approved for another student by petition but is not included in the online approved courses list without submitting a separate petition myself?

If you are aware of that being the case, please send an e-mail inquiry with the relevant details so that the status of the course can be confirmed.


Can I request that an approved course count in a different category?

Yes; you can use the regular course petition form to show your justification for why the course should count in a category other than the one in which it is listed.