Hatfield Business Ethics Funding

Hatfield funding for the Study of Ethics in Business and Organizations was set up in honor of Robert S. Hatfield '37, who was a loyal and generous Cornellian and prominent business leader. The Chairman and CEO of the Continental Group, he believed strongly in the need to promote ethical business practices in both large and small organizations. This funding is designed to honor this legacy and to assist in the research and study of ethics in business and organizations.

Through the generosity of friends of Robert S. Hatfield, the Program on Ethics and Public Life is able to grant annual funding in his honor to Cornell undergraduate and graduate students. Here are some possible ways in which this funding can benefit your study and research:

  • expenses associated with research in the area of ethics in business and organizations
  • an unpaid internship
  • a summer course in business ethics
  • transportation for a visit or interview to enhance understanding of ethical concerns in business and organizations
  • travel to and/or registration for a conference dealing with business ethics

The application deadline is April 17, 2024

Applications must be submitted via the application form.

If you have questions please send your query to epl@cornell.edu.

Previous funding recipients:


  • IVY GILBERT for research of empirical investigation of ethical purchasing and consumption decisions


  • VIVIAN LUDFORD for research to examine the corporate ethics of Silocon Valley and the tech world


  • RACHEL SCHLUND and ZACHARIAH BERRY for joint research in moral psychology and ethics in management


  • AVI APPEL to research the question of whether the market failures approach to business ethics is compatible with consequentialism


  • RACHEL CHIU for research in the San Francisco area on sexual harassment in early-stage startups and small nonprofits
  • KEVIN GOH for research investigating attitudes, sentiments, and policies contributing to overwork in Japan
  • ALICIA PATTERSON for research on how the dynamics of power along lines of gender or race create special threats to privacy from the availability of new internet technologies


  • KEVIN GOH for research on Japanese work ethics through interviews in Japan and New York City
  • SIMONE SMITH for research on financial and business regulations during an internship at Senator Mark Warner's Senate office


  • FANGCHEN SUN participated in a business ethics study in AIESEC Rabat, a local NGO
  • MARC MASSON participated in an internship at the Solidarity Center in Rabat, Morocco
  • AVI APPEL attended a business ethics conference at the Wharton School


  • EJEB DEMA participated in a forum in Washington, D.C. on issues of privacy raised by information technology
  • LIN FU participated in a conference on agribusiness in Thailand


  • JENNIFER PARK traveled to NYC to interview a CEO about business ethics
  • AVI APPEL worked on a social media project here in Ithaca
  • TRACY DI PETRILLO traveled to Venice, Italy for a month-long legalPAD Italia Innovation Program
  • ELINATHAN OHIOMOBA traveled to Florence, Italy for a human rights course through the Academy of European Law