Current Graduate Students

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Avi Appel Ethics

Alexander Boeglin

Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Law
Bobbi Cohn Metaphysics, Moral Philosophy, and Ancient Philosophy
Dean Da Vee Metaphysics, Epistemology
Eve Dietl Philosophy of Mind
Alex Esposito Ethics, Political Philosophy
Augie Faller Metaphysics
Erin Gerber Social and Political Philosophy, Feminist Philosophy, Kant
Quitterie Gounot
Ethics, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Law
Bangxing Huang History of Philosophy
Sofi-gjing Jovanovska History of Modern Philosophy
Shao-Pu Kang Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Mind
Vikram Kumar Ancient Philosophy, Epistemology, History of Analytic Philosophy
Timothy Kwiatek
Moral Philosophy, Moral Psychology, Blame and Responsibility
Danielle Limbaugh Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law, Ethics
Lavaris McCellion Philosophy of Language, Logic, and Metaethics
Chad McIntosh
Matthew Paskell
Free Will & Moral Responsibility, Metaphysics, Ethics
Alicia Patterson
Social Epistemology, Feminist Philosophy
Ion Plamadeala Metaethics, Philosophy of Law, Political Philosophy
John Proios Ancient Philosophy
Amy Ramirez Metaphysics, Early Modern Philosophy
Benjamin Sales
Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Action, Philosophy of Mind
Anthony Sangiuliano Ethics, Philosophy of Law
Eric Solis Ancient Philosophy
Libby Southgate Ethics, Metaethics, Deontic Logic
Bianka Takaoka
Moral Philosophy, Philosophy of Language
Alejandro Vesga Philosophy of Language, Epistemology, Social Philosophy
Bianca Waked

Philosophy of Law, Philosophy of Language, Feminist Philosophy (especially Arabic Feminist Philosophy), History of 20th Century Philosophy

Bill Watson Ethics, Political Philosophy, and Philosophy of Law
Hannah Winckler-Olick Early Modern and Modern Philosophy
Brianna Zgurich Ancient Philosophy, Moral Psychology, and Ethics

Lyu Zhou

Causation, History of Philosophy
Peggy Zhu Ancient Philosophy