EPL Faculty and Staff

Name Role Contact Information
Andrei Marmor EPL Director, and Jacob Gould Schurman Professor of Philosophy and Law am2773@cornell.edu
226 Goldwin Smith Hall
Shannon Adamsen Program Assistant

218 Goldwin Smith Hall

Program on Ethics and Public Life

Law & Society Minor

General inquiries epl@cornell.edu
Emad Atiq Assistant Professor of Law and Philosophy

232 Hughes Hall                              

Tad Brennan

Professor, Philosophy Department Faculty

327 Goldwin Smith Hall

Erin York Cornwell Associate Professor, Sociology Department Faculty, Law & Society Minor Co-Director eyc46@cornell.edu                            
390 Uris Hall
Rachana Kamtekar Professor, Philosophy Department Faculty

228 Goldwin Smith Hall

Risa Lieberwitz Professor of Labor and Employment Law, ILR School, Law & Society Minor Co-Director

361 Ives Hall

Kate Manne

Associate Professor, Philosophy Department Faculty

225 Goldwin Smith Hall
Julia Markovits Associate Professor, Philosophy Department Faculty, Law & Society Minor Co-Director markovits@cornell.edu
220 Goldwin Smith Hall
Richard Miller Professor Emeritus

G67 Goldwin Smith Hall

Shaun Nichols Professor, Philosophy Department Faculty
sbn44@cornell.edu                             326 Goldwin Smith Hall
Derk Pereboom Susan Linn Sage Professor, Philosophy Department Faculty
dp346@cornell.edu                                  323 Goldwin Smith Hall
Nelson Tebbe

Professor of Law, Cornell Law School

nt277@cornell.edu                                202 Myron Taylor Hall

Benjamin Yost
Adjunct Professor, Philosophy Department

219 Goldwin Smith Hall