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Some of the greatest minds in philosophy have studied and taught in the Sage School of Philosophy since its founding in 1891. 

Quick Picks: Professors during the '50s and '60s

  • Gregory Vlastos: one of the greatest scholars of Greek philosophy of the mid-20th century
  • John Rawls (pictured): became the greatest of American political philosophers
  • Nelson Pike: taught a large and very popular course on the philosophy of religion
  • Roger Albritton: known as an exceptionally brilliant interlocutor
  • John Hick: became a major figure in philosophy of religion
  • Jaegwon Kim: became one of the major figures in philosophy of mind of the past thirty years
  • Charles Parsons: made his mark in philosophy of mathematics and logic
  • Keith Donnellan: among the most original and innovative philosophers of language

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