2021-22 Sage School Events

Discussion Club Talks ~ Fridays, 3:00 - 5:00 PM

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Date Presenter  

Fall 2021:

September 10
Bryan Van Norden, Vassar College
October 1
C. Thi Nguyen, University of Utah
November 5
Toni Alimi, Klarman Postdoctoral Fellow

Spring 2022:

February 18
Justin Steinberg, Visiting Associate Professor
March 25
Maura Tumulty, Colgate
April 29
Atoosa Kasirzadeh, University of Edinburgh

Department Workshop ~ Wednesdays, 12:15 - 1:15 PM OR Fridays, 3:00 - 4:00 PM

(See event announcement for location/zoom link)

Date Presenter Talk Title
September 8

Lyu Zhu

On the Non-Causal Basis of Phenomenal Temporality
October 20

Arc Kocurek

Verbal Disagreement
November 3

Bill Watson

Metalinguistic in Legal Practice
November 17

Libby Southgate

Against Anonymous Grading

February 16

Theo Korzukhin

Time-slicing in Technicolor
March 11

Bill Watson

Shifting Concepts of Law
March 23

Gus Turyn

Agency and Counterfactual Knowledge

April 1

Eve Dietl

Nonstructural Realization: A Russellian Monist Model of the Mental
April 20

Migdalia Arcila Valenzuela

The Recalcitrant Body: Chronic Pain Syndrome and Moral Agency
April 27

Adriene Takaoka


May 13 - 15, 2022 ~ Cornell Workshop on Mind and Value: Acquaintance

Additional events that may be of interest:

April 19
John M. Doris, Professor of Philosophy, Peter L. Dyson Professor of Ethics in Organizations and Life
The 2022 Day Family Ethics Lecture: Management and Moral Psychology: Sensemaking and Nonsensemaking