Cornell Workshop on Mind and Value II: The Value of Perception and the Perception of Value.

Workshop Overview

Overview of Cornell with Cayuga Lake in the background

Perception is a good thing. It puts us in contact with the world and allows us to better understand the things around us. This much seems obvious. But, in recent years, as in times past, philosophers have been exploring further connections between perception and value. This goes both ways. Some philosophers have focused on the value of perception -- why perception, and perceptual experience in particular, is valuable. Some philosophers have focused on, not the value of perception, but the perception of value -- how perceptual experience puts us in contact with value, including moral value, aesthetic value, and more. We hope to generate interest in both of these research programs, as well as explore potential connections between them, by inviting senior and junior scholars working in philosophy of mind and value theory to Cornell University for talks and discussion held on August 18-20, 2023. 

Scholars participating include: 

Christine Tappolet (U. of Montreal), Michelle Montague (UT Austin), Robert Audi (Notre Dame), Paul Audi (U. of Rochester), Adam Pautz (Brown University), Umrao Sethi (Brandeis University), Elijah Chudnoff (Miami), Terry Horgan (Arizona), Olivia Bailey (University of California, Berkeley), Matt Duncan (Rhode Island College), Emad Atiq, Kate Manne, Cole Mitchell, and Julia Markovits (Cornell University)


Location: Myron Taylor Hall, Room 186 

Friday, August 18th: 

10:00am - 11:30am - Robert Audi with comments by Peter Epstein

"Perceptualism: Seeing, Apprehending, and Knowing"

11:40am - 1:10pm - Umrao Sethi with comments by Paul Audi

"The Value of Naive Realism: A Cautionary Tale"

1:20pm - 2:20 - Lunch Provided 

2:30pm - 4:00pm - Adam Pautz with comments by [TBD]

"The Significance of Consciousness: A Problem for Reductive Physicalism"

Optional Hike

Dinner on your own 

Saturday, August 19th: 

10:00am - 11:30am - Elijah Chudnoff with comments by Matt Duncan

"Acquaintance, Alienation, and Axiology"

11:40am - 1:10pm - Olivia Bailey with comments by Kate Manne

"Growing Up and Getting Better: On Some Neglected Costs of Moral Sensibility Change"

1:20pm - 2:20 - Lunch Provided 

2:30pm - 4:00pm - Terry Horgan with comments by Emad Atiq

"Expressivist Moral Perception" 

Cocktail Hour and Dinner 

Sunday, August 20th: 

10:00am - 11:30am - Christine Tappolet with comments by Julia Markovits

"The Receptive Theory of Emotions: Old Wine in New Barrels?"

11:40am - 1:10pm - Michelle Montague with comments by Cole Mitchell

"Is there a phenomenology of correct emotion?"



The 3 day workshop will be conducted in-person on August 18-20, 2023 on the Cornell University campus in Ithaca, NY. Please use the link provided below to fill in the registration form. 

Click HERE to Register for the Cornell Workshop on Mind and Value II: The Value of Perception and the Perception of Value.

Registered attendees should book their accommodations as soon as possible. August is a busy month in the Ithaca area and rooms will book up quickly.

In case you have already registered and need to cancel your registration, please let us know at:

Travel and Accomodations


Ithaca is served by the local Ithaca Tompkins Regional Airport, four miles from Cornell campus, and Syracuse Hancock International Airport in Syracuse, New York, which is about an hour away from Ithaca. American Airlines (from Philadelphia), Delta (from Detroit and JFK), and United (from DC-Dulles) all serve Ithaca Airport, with a wider set of options flying into Syracuse.

Ithaca is about 250 miles from New York City as well as Newark, NJ. If you are in the New York city area, you might consider taking one of the many busses from New York City to Ithaca downtown, which is about a 4 hour trip. Cornell’s Campus-to-Campus Express (1.607.254.8747) picks up in midtown and provides comfortable seating, internet, power outlets, reading lights, complimentary beverages, and snacks. Advance reservations are needed, however.


We strongly advise you to book hotels or AirBnBs as soon as possible, given that rooms in Ithaca are in high demand during August. Hotels will fill up fast. AirBnB is always an option as well. If you have difficulty finding accommodation, please let us know and we will do our best to assist.

Local hotels include:

Hilton Garden Inn
Hilton Canopy 
Hotel Ithaca
William Henry Miller Inn

Workshop Events and Area Information

The Workshop will include several social events, including a cocktail hour, a closing dinner and a local hike. These events are all optional. Please check back for further details.

Ithaca has good restaurants, excellent bars and cafes, as well as stunning natural beauty. Below, we list some local options for dining and travel that we recommend.


Restaurants with good vegetarian / vegan options marked with a star



Trails, Waterfalls, Vineyards

View of a bridge on the Cascadilla Creek Trail

Ithaca boasts over 150 waterfalls within a 10 mile radius and stunning gorges carved out by glaciers during the last ice age. There are several short and doable hikes right on campus, with breathtaking views, including the Cascadilla Gorge Trail (connects downtown to the Law School) and the trail from Triphammer falls (near the art museum) to Beebe Lake.

Fantastic hikes within driving distance include the trails at Robert Treman State ParkButtermilk Falls State Park, and Taughannock Falls State Park.

For a map of local vineyards, see here