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One of the aims of the graduate program in the Sage School is to help students compete favorably in the academic job market. Each year a member of the faculty serves as placement director, whose role it is to oversee and guide students through the process of looking for jobs in philosophy. Among other things, the placement director assists each candidate with the preparation of their application dossier (writing sample, research statement, teaching dossier, CV, etc.), coordinates the gathering of letters of reference, invites guest speakers to provide advice about particular sectors of the job market, organizes practice interviews and job talks, and is there to offer guidance and support through the job market process.

The placement director for academic year 2021-22 is Professor Julia Markovits.

The Cornell Graduate School also provides assistance and seminars to help those who want to pursue careers outside of academia.  Non-academic placements of our graduates have included healthcare, investing, biotechnology, and actuarial and data science.

Below is a table with initial placements and current positions of our graduates going back to 2009.  Email the department or Professor Markovits with any questions.

To reference online many of the dissertations published since 2013, click here.

Name / Year of Graduation

Dissertation  Title

Areas of Interest

First Position

Current/Most Recent Known Position


PROIOS, John (expected Aug '21)

Classifying Difference and Value: The Metaphysics of Kinds and the Search for the Good in Plato’s Philebus

Ancient Philosophy 

University of Chicago, Assistant Professor (TT)  
DA VEE, Dean (expected Aug '21)

Metaphysical Essays on Ontological Parsimony, Composition, and Truthmaking 

Metaphysics, Epistemology Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer (2021-22)  

APPEL, Avi (expected Aug '21)

Three Papers in Ethics Ethics Jane Street LLC, Business Infrastructure  



Essays on the Metaphysics of Laws, Properties, and Groups   Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer (2020-21)  



Rational Foundationalism    


Alicia E.

The Social Epistemology of Prejudice & Privacy: Towards New Frameworks   Postdoc at Georgetown University's Ethics Lab (2020 - present)
BRUNO, Francesca

The Quantity Debate in Late Medieval and Early Modern Europe: A Question at the Intersection of Physics, Metaphysics, and Theology

  Senior Site Director for 12+ Plus, Hill-Freedman World Academy (Philadelphia, PA) Associate Director, Upward Bound Program, University of Pennsylvania
CHI, Zeyu Essays on Essence, Explanation and Kind-Membership   Postdoctoral Fellow at Peking University (2019-2021)
ERDEL, John-Paul The Stability of a Reasonable Political Order      
FAIRBAIRN, Frances H. Tangled Inferences: An Investigation of Inference Webs in Metaphysics, Epistemology, and the Philosophy of Science   Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer (2019-20) Visiting Assistant Professor, Colgate University (2020-2022)
FIELDING, David Words and Doing Things: What Meanings Can Do and the Role of Motivational States in Determining Meaning      
FOERSTER, Thomas Epistemic Gaps and the Mind-Body Problem   Software Developer, Myplanet  

Metaphysical Essays - Modal Reductionism, Laws of Nature, and Modal Semantics

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Philosophy of Language, Cognitive Science, History of Philosophy

Executive Director, Chesterton House, Ithaca, NY

MOBUS, Freya  Socratic therapy for the criminal, the glutton, and the coward. Ancient Greek Philosophy Loyola University of Chicago, Assistant Professor (TT)  
MUNGUIA, Lucia Maria Speaker-Oriented Conversational Surprise and Conversational Expectations Philosophy of Language, Feminist Philosophy, Bioethics Franklin and Marshall College William Paterson University, NJ (TT)






BREWER, Kimberly Marie

Studies in Kant's Doctrine of an Intuitive Intellect

Kant, Early Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics Feminist History of Philosophy

Indiana University Bloomington, Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2021)

Indiana University Bloomington, Postdoctoral Fellow (2018-2021)

CONLEY, Brandon Allen

Ends, Norms, and Representations: Why ask "Why?" in Biology?

Philosophy of Science (Biology and Cognitive Science), Philosophy of Mind

College of New Jersey and Lehman College, Adjunct Professor

Colgate University, Visiting Assistant Professor (2019-2022)

WON, Yuna

Semantic and Metaethical Puzzles about Normative Language

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Logic, Metaphysics

Ithaca College, Visiting Assistant Professor (2018-19)

Ithaca College, Visiting Assistant Professor (2019-20); Lecturer, Princeton University (Fall 2020); Visiting Lecturer, Sage School of Philosophy, Cornell (Spring 2021)

ZETTEL, David Moral Evaluation in Albert the Great and Thomas Aquinas   Adjunct, Mount Mary University (WI)  






DUGGAN, Austin

Retributive Caution, Guiltworthiness, and the Rationality of Anger

Ethics, Philosophy of Action (Free Will and Moral Responsibility)

California State University, Long Beach, Lecturer

California State University, Long Beach, Lecturer


Truth and Belief: Case Studies in Conceptual Engineering 

Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Logic, Logic

Penn State University, Lecturer, Fall 2017

Data Scientist, Noblis (VA), October 2020

HECKEL, Marta A.

Plato's Guide to Philosophical Preparedness: the Dangers of Philosophy and How to Handle Them

Classical Greek Philosophy

Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer

Assistant Professor, University of Missouri at Columbia (TT)

MATHIE SMITH, Catherine Mary

Self-Respecting Animals: Three Papers on Kant's View of Human Nature and Morality

Kant, Ethics

Iona College, 3-year Visiting Assistant Professor (2017-2020)

Iona College, Visiting Assistant Professor (2020-2021)


Knowledge, Simplicity, and Predication: Essays on Plato's "Theatetus"

Ancient Philosophy

Seven Bridges Genomics, Cambridge, MA

Software Engineer, Google (MA)

SHERWIN, Emily Temporally Extended Rationality and the Ethics of Belief     Professor of Law, Cornell University

SWARUP, Shruta

Servility, Democracy, and the Duty to Obey the Law

Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law

University of Virginia, Postdoctoral Fellowship

University of Toronto, Assistant Professor (TT)







Obligations and Blame at the Moral Epistemological Limit

Ethics, Epistemology

GEICO, Actuarial Associate

Senior Data Scientist, ForMotiv, Little Rock, Arkansas


The Principles and Elements of Stoic Physics

Ancient Greek and Roman Philosophy

Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer

East Tennessee State University, Assistant Professor (TT)


Explanation, Dependence, and Ontology: Essays in Meta-Metaphysics

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology

Bilkent University (Turkey), Assistant Professor (TT)

Tel Aviv University, Assistant Professor (TT)

ROBERTS, Clifford Masood

In Observance of the Everyday: The concept of Assent in Pyrrhonian Skepticism

Ancient Philosophy

University of Victoria (BC, Canada), Post-doctoral Fellowship

University of Victoria (BC, Canada) (TT)


Cognitive Penetrability and the Epistemological Significance of Etiology

Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind

NYU-Shanghai, Asst. Prof. (TT); deferred until 2017 to take Postdoc at University of Antwerp

NYU-Shanghai, Assistant Professor (TT)


Rich Man, Poor Man: Prosperity, Poverty, and the Significance of Need

Ethics, Political Philosophy

Franklin & Marshall College, Adjunct Assistant Professor

University of Toronto, Assistant Professor 


Servility, Democracy, and the Duty to Obey the Law

Ethics, Political Philosophy, Philosophy of Law

University of Leeds, Visiting Research Fellow

University of Leeds, Visiting Research Fellow

YE, Ru

Higher-Order Evidence: Puzzles and Solutions


Wuhan University (China), Associate Professor (TT)

Wuhan University (China), Associate Professor (TT)






MC KAY, Ian James

A New Account of Scientific Models and Approximation

Philosophy of Science

University of Pittsburgh, Postdoctoral Fellowship

Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, Lecturer

MURPHY, Daniel Scott

Qualiltativism: an Elucidation and Defense

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion

Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer

SUNY Cortland, Lecturer

ROWE, Eric

Deflationary Metaphysics


Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer







BULTHUIS, Nathaniel

Walter Burley on the Metaphysics of the Proposition and Its Relation to Language and Thought

Medieval Philosophy, Philosophy of Religion

Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer

St. Joseph's University (PA), Assistant Professor (TT)


The Project of Speculative Thinking in Hegel's Philosophy

Ancient, Early Modern, & Modern Philosophy

Grenfell Campus of Memorial University (CAN), Assistant Professor

Grenfell Campus of Memorial University (CAN), Assistant Professor, Humanities (TT)

MAHAFFEY, Stephen James

Inference, Thought Experiments, and Physicalism

Metaphysics, Epistemology

Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer

Medical Researcher, University of Ottawa

SMITH, Subrena Elaine 

Philosophy Evolving: Some Perils of Evolutionary Explanation

Philosophy of Biology, of Evolutionary Explanation of Science, Epistemology, Ethics, Metaphilosophy

University of New Hampshire, Assistant Professor (TT)

University of New Hampshire, Associate Professor







Semantic Approaches to Quotation, Metonymy and Commonly Used Verbs 

Philosophy of Language

Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer

Software Engineer, Nav, Inc.

BALTAZAR, Vincent Demetrius

Equal Opportunity and Self Respect

Political Philosophy




International Justice in An Age of Globalization

Political Philosophy


Corporate Attorney/Partner, Emergent Legal (CA)

HOBBS, James Austin

Ought Claims and Blame in a Deterministic World

Ethics, Free Will


Monroe County Public Defender, Rochester, NY


Indicative and Subjunctive Conditionals: A Neo-Stalnankerian Account 

Philosophy of Language, Decision Theory

Kutztown University, Visiting Assistant Professor

Johns Hopkins University, Lecturer

MAYER, Patrick 

Responsibility, Identity, and Luck 

Normative Ethics, Meta-Ethics, Social and Political Philosophy, Metaphilosophy

Lycoming College, Visiting Assistant Professor

Sienna Heights University (MI), Assistant Professor (TT)

MC LEAR, Colin

Essays on Kant on Perception and Cognition

History of Modern, Kant, Philosophy of Mind

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Assistant Professor (TT)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln, Associate Professor


On the Principles of Nature: An Interpretation of Aristotle's Physics I.5-8 

Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics

University of Maryland, Baltimore County, Instructor

New Jersey City University, Assistant Professor (TT) 


Background Influences: Psychological Processes That Shape Perception, Emotion, and Morals

Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Moral Psychology

Northern Arizona University, Lecturer 

Northern Arizona University, Assistant Professor (TT) 






ALWOOD, Andrew Holcomb

The Imperative Topic of Normative Language

Metaethics, Philosophy of Language 

Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer

Virginia Commonwealth University, Assistant Professor (TT)


Unleashing the Leviathan: Against Common Interpretations and a Contemporary Decision-Theoretic Reconstructio of Hobbes's Moral and Political Philosophy

Ethics, Political Philosophy, History of Political Thought

University of Rochester, Department of Political Science, Second Ph.D. program

Waseda University, Tokyo, Associate Professor

LU, Rachel Smith

Virtue in Bonaventurean Ethics

Medieval Philosophy, Ethics

University of St. Thomas, Instructor

University of St. Thomas, Instructor

WAIDLER, Katharyn Denise

Aquinas on Love

Medieval Philosophy, Ancient Philosophy, Ethics

Wheaton College, Assistant Professor (TT)

Sales Associate, REI, Boulder, CO






INGLIS, Kristen A

Aristotle on the Virtues of Slaves, Women, and Children

Ancient Philosophy, Ethics

University of Pittsburgh, Assistant Professor (TT) 

Academic Manager, Prison Education Program, Wesleyan University, CT

JEZZI, Nathaniel Nelson

Moral Objectivity, Autonomy, and Reasons: The Constructivist Challenge to Realism

Ethics, Ancient Philosophy, Political Philosophy

University of Aberdeen, Teaching Fellow 

Lafayette College, Visiting Assistant Professor / Research Associate


Political Obligation and Democratic Community: An Account of the Democratic Citizen’s Duty to Uphold the Law

Political Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Law, Applied Ethics and Continental Social Theory

Haverford College, Instructor

University of Delaware, Assistant Professor (TT)


Democracy in Global Institutions

Social and Political Philosophy, Ethics

Dalhousie University, Postdoctoral Fellow

University of Michigan, Assistant Professor (TT)

KYLE, Brent Granville

Knowledge as a Thick Concept: New Light on the Gettier and Value Problems

Ethics and Epistemology

University of New Brunswick, Instructor 

US Air Force Academy, Assistant Professor (TT equivalent)

PENNER, Sidney

Francisco Suarez on Acting for the Sake of the Ultimate End

History of Philosophy, Ethics and Metaethics, Philosophy of Religion

University of Oxford, Merton College, Junior Research Fellow

Asbury University (KY), Adjunct Lecturer 

ROSENTHAL, Saul Gordon

Plato’s Explanatory Predication 

Ancient Philosophy, Plato’s Metaphysics and Epistemology

University of Pennsylvania, Postdoctoral Fellow 

University of Pennsylvania, Lecturer

YARBROUGH III, Joseph William

Philip the Chancellor, Bonaventure of Bognoregio, and Thomas Aquinas on the Eternity of the World

Ancient Philosophy

Ave Maria University (FL), Assistant Professor (TT)

Ave Maria University (FL), Classics and Philosophy Assistant Professor (TT)






KLEIN, Jacob Samuel

Nature and Reason in Stoic Ethics

Ancient Philosophy, Metaethics, Ethics

Colgate University, Assistant Professor (TT)

Colgate University, Associate Professor (w/ tenure)


Hard Incompatibilist Challenges to Morality and Autonomy

Ethics, Free Will

Cornell University, Philosophical Review Visiting Lecturer

Blooomsburg University (PA), Visiting Assistant Professor

STREETT, Sara Kristen

State Sovereignty and the Contemporary Global Economy

Political Philosophy, Ethics

Vassar College, Lecturer

Marist College, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy







The Psychology and Epistemology of (Mostly Moral) Intuition 

Philosophy of Biology, Philosophy of Psychology, Value Theory, Epistemology

Mount Allison University, Assistant Professor (TT)

Mount Allison University, Associate Professor (w/ tenure)


The Nature of Predication 

Philosophy of Language, Metaphysics

Boston University, Assistant Professor

 University of Calgary, Associate Professor (w/ tenure) 


Things, Places, and Possibilities: Metaphysical Essays

Metaphysics, Philosophical                                           Logic

Australian National University, Research Fellow

University of Colorado, Boulder, Assistant Professor (TT)