Kimberly M. Brewer

Visiting Assistant Professor, Spring 2023


Kimberly Brewer specializes in the philosophy of Immanuel Kant, early modern philosophy, philosophy of religion, and food and environmental ethics. Her most recent research projects include the exploration of the influence of Plato and Platonic themes on Kant’s philosophy, Kant’s theory of hypotheses in the domains of science and of metaphysics, and the influence of the so-called ‘imago dei’ intellectual tradition on the critical philosophy. Kimberly’s past work has focused on the important function in Kant’s philosophy of what he terms an ‘intuitive intellect,’ a hypothetical non-human superintelligence presented as a crucial epistemological foil for human knowledge. A detailed study of Kant's theory of the intuitive intellect is the focus of two recent publications: ‘Alternate Possibilities, Divine Omniscience and Critique of Judgement §76’ (Kantian Review, 2021) and ‘Kant’s Theory of the Intuitive Intellect’ (History of Philosophy Quarterly, 2022).